Diaper Enforcers

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(#) Subject: Diaper Enforcers Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:52 pm">

Diaper Enforcers

Subject: Diaper Enforcers Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:52 pm

(recreated the thread)


In this game, Marcella and other little girls sumo wrestle to win prize money.



Debug Girl
Shadow Marcella
Ina Elizabeth
Candra Minsky

The character rankings refer to the latest revision.
HP Ranking:

From highest to lowest:
1. Titania
2. Nirvana, Candra (Boss)
3. Yasuko
4. Debug Girl, Marcella, Shadow Marcella
5. Lagina, Josepha
6. Adeline, Roll, Shadow Marcella (CPU)
7. Ina, Candra
Weight Ranking:

From heaviest to lightest:
1. Titania
2. Josepha
3. Yasuko
4. Shadow Marcella
5. Marcella
6. Debug Girl, Lagina, Candra (Boss)
7. Adeline, Nirvana, Roll
8. Ina, Candra
Forward Walk Acceleration Ranking:

From fastest to slowest:
1. Ina, Candra
2. Adeline
3. Nirvana
4. Debug Girl, Marcella, Yasuko, Lagina, Titania
5. Roll, Shadow Marcella
6. Josepha
Run Acceleration Ranking:

From fastest to slowest:
1. Yasuko
2. Debug Girl, Marcella, Adeline, Lagina, Titania, Roll, Ina, Candra
3. Nirvana
4. Josepha, Shadow Marcella
Forward Walk Speed Ranking:

From fastest to slowest:
1. Adeline, Candra
2. Ina
3. Lagina
4. Debug Girl, Marcella
5. Yasuko, Titania
6. Nirvana, Roll
7. Shadow Marcella
8. Josepha
Dash Speed Ranking:

From fastest to slowest:
1. Adeline
2. Lagina, Candra
3. Ina
4. Nirvana
5. Debug Girl, Marcella, Titania
6. Yasuko
7. Shadow Marcella
8. Roll
9. Josepha


• Don't mash during grabs. Additional inputs increase your grab attack's delay. Try to input a grapple as soon as a grab starts. Sometimes the computer ends up winning grapples no matter how early you attempt a grapple.
• The upwards lift is each character's strongest grapple in the game. But if using or against certain characters, it would be better to do a back throw followed by a combo if your back is near a corner.
• A few characters can be repeatedly hit with a headbutt until they're knocked down.
• A few characters can keep using their rear-mode attack for easy wins.
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