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Doraemon (1973) Anime Empty Doraemon (1973) Anime

Subject: Doraemon (1973) Anime Doraemon (1973) Anime EmptySat Mar 24, 2018 11:41 am

(quoted from Mazori)

"Doraemon is a popular franchise about a failing boy who gets an unexpected surprise in the form of a robot cat from the future, sent to help him succeed in life.
The franchise, while very popular, had its initial anime adaptation, unknown to most, in 1973. It only lasted a few months before being cancelled.
Its cancellation was brought about as a result of Mazinger Z, a mecha anime, significantly overshadowing it.
In addition, the former president of NTV Video had resigned during the airing of the show, and his replacement felt that the show was not turning enough profit to justify its continuation.
The show survived in various reruns until 1979, when the TV station T34 was order by Shogakukan Inc. to stop airing the show, to avoid young children confusing it with the infinitely more popular 1979 adaptation.
When NTV Video went bankrupt in circa-1980, the episodes were sold off to cover debt, and many other materials related to the show were burned in an accidental fire.
It was thought that the show was lost forever, until Masumi Jun, the show's director, accidentally gave out copies of the opening and ending.
In a later statement by Masumi Jun, he said that he had several full episodes in his possession, but was not allowed to release them until anything Doraemon was off the air, due to Japan's laws regarding this matter. However, he does show the episodes at various conventions.
It was later discovered that IMAGICA, an animation company, held several episodes in their possession. These prints were given to Jun.
The only public footage of the show is the opening and ending, a GIF from the adaptation's pilot, and a 40-second clip in a 1973 Japanese pornographic film.
There are however, many surviving photos of the show from its run, allowing us to see what it looked like, and create clip reconstructions.
Also public is the audio track from the final episode, transferred from a cassette tape.
The reason we want to try to find Doraemon '73 is because it holds significant historical value. Doraemon, being the official anime ambassador of Japan, is valued highly because of the franchises, humor, morals, and unforgettable stories.
The 1973 series was the very first attempt to adapt Doraemon to a living medium, and was a nostalgic part of many Japanese childhoods."
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